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Cellular Bioengineering

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What is Cellular Bioengineering?

Cellular Bioengineering applies engineering principles of design, analysis and methodology to cellular and molecular biology for the development of cell-based therapeutics in regenerative medicine and drug delivery. Students will use biology, chemistry and engineering to discover how essential molecular level interactions can benefit human health. Examples of cellular bioengineering range from gene therapy, synthetic biology, tissue engineered organs, protein engineering and nucleic acid engineering.

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Careers Involving Biomedical Informatics

Biomedical informatics offers a range of dynamic careers at the intersection of healthcare, biology, and technology. Bioinformatics analysts unravel genetic data, while clinical informatics specialists optimize healthcare through digital systems. Health data analysts uncover insights from patient records, while biomedical data scientists use diverse datasets for discoveries. Clinical research informatics specialists manage clinical trial data, while translational informaticians bridge lab findings with real-world applications. Health informatics consultants guide technology adoption, and researchers advance the field. Medical informatics officers oversee healthcare IT, and bioinformatics software developers craft tools for data analysis. These roles collectively drive innovation in medical research, patient care, and information management.


Why Biomedical Informatics?

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